Countdown for the iPhone 5

With Apple’s iPhone 5 (if that is what it will be called) release just hours away, I am so excited that it is almost like my birthday and Christmas coming together. After Steve Jobs passed away last year, many people anticipated the new iPhone to be Apple’s 5th generation phone. As we know, it was not to be. The iPhone 4S, though innovative and exciting, lacked the punch that many anticipated. The iPhone 5 however has the makings of a hit product.

According to sources on the web, the next iPhone “was the last project that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with from concept to final design.”

As the web is awash with rumors and counter rumors, Apple stocks (AAPL) were at an amazing high of $683.29 on Monday. This high stock price might also have been contributed by its win over Samsung on the patent case. As the iPhone 4S sales have been slack of late, it clearly points to a large anticipated demand for the iPhone 5. Its release date on the 21st of September may break sales demand. Its competitors will find such demand difficult to beat in the market. Analysts are predicting that the new iPhone 5 might sell up to 10 million units in the first weeks after its launch, breaking the record 4 million iPhone 4S units sold in the first week.

Amazing things are being said about the iPhone 5, including it being responsible for the economy recovery. I just love the optimism a new gizmo brings, but who is complaining.

The iPhone 5 is expected to come in a 16 GB and 64 GB model. Some rumored features include NFC (Near Field Communication), which allows you to pay with your smart phone, a smaller dock (a problem for current iPhone owners),  a bigger battery (possibly to support the retina display and faster processor), and the inclusion of fingerprint security too. A longer end-to-end screen is expected as well. This is keeping pace with the current trend of bigger, better, sharper displays from other smart phones too.

The part that I find most interesting, is the new headphones that are supposed to be launched as well. After years of the same old look, it will be interesting to see how futuristic Apple will get with these. Another interesting rumor that I have heard is that the iPhone 5 will be able to capture 3D images.

The new iPhone 5 is supposed to include support for 4G networks as well. Think about a virtual world where there is no more buffering required. You can watch high-definition movies in minutes and no need to buffer all those amazing TV programs.

Apple fans are already on a high looking for signs about the new iPhone. Apple has not been far behind leaving little clues for their fans as well.

For example, consider the Yerba Buena Centre in San Francisco that has been given an Apple makeover for the release.

On the website MacRumours, cryptologists spotted how the banner took the form of Apple icons – in particular Game Centre, iTunes, and the Music and App Store – when you shrunk the image down (source: dailymail).

While most of the icons are familiar, there is an unknown entity that has been spotted. It may be the new streaming service that Apple was rumored to be developing to counter Pandora and a host of other music streaming services.

In other news, the so-called mini iPad is also thought to be showcased at the event.

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