Computer Virus Infects US Drones Predator and Reaper Cockpits

It has been discovered that the cockpits of two US drone  fleets Predator and Reaper, have been infected with a virus. The virus infection was discovered two weeks ago in the Creech Air Force base in Nevada. Since then, the officials have been trying to remove the infection, but the virus keeps on coming back, reports WIRED.

The virus consists of a Trojan payload that logs the keystrokes of the pilot controlling the drones remotely. As you might know, these drones have been used extensively in spying as well as targeting enemy territory remotely and have been a great asset to the US Army.

It isn’t apparently clear whether the infection is a result of a cyber-attack or whether it was just an accidental infection. Whatever the case may be, the virus has infected both unclassified as well as classified machines, and it is speculated that some confidential data might have gone outside of the military network.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that the Predator and Reaper fleet has come under security scrutiny. It was well known that these drones send video to their stations unencrypted. The US Army had previously found hours of drone video recording on computers seized from Iraqi insurgents.

Reuters has quoted an unnamed source saying that this infection hasn’t impacted overseas missions.

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