Now Comment On Any Blog Using Your Facebook And Twitter Account

wordpress_logoStarting today, you can comment on any blog using your Facebook and Twitter account, apart from using your email address or choosing your account to comment on a blog post. has recently introduced a new feature which lets anyone post a comment on any blog using their email address,, Facebook or Twitter account. This advanced commenting feature has been introduced to give users the ability to choose which identity they want to show on the concerned blog e.g their Twitter or Facebook account’s instead of using their email address.

Here is how the modified comment form of a blog looks like:



This enhanced commenting feature adds a layer of real human identityto the comments section of your blog since most real users would opt in for a quicker way to post comments. Unlike spammers and robots, real people want to post a comment with as less steps as possible, so it is most likely that users will quickly switch to the Twitteror Facebooktab, hit the button, grant all the permissions and post their comment. No more typing in your name and email address, makes life easy!

Users are in control of their identity and if you don’t want to reveal your username or don’t want to give your real email address to the blog in question, you have two more options to comment.

Please note that if you choose your Facebook account to comment on any blog, the comment activity won’t be pushed back to your Facebook account. This new feature is used only for authentication purpose and not exactly the same as Facebook comments social plugin, however WordPress is planning to integrate better social integration in coming days.

For blogs using the self hosted WordPress package, this feature is likely be released in a future version of the Jetpack plugin (read our review of Jetpack). And there is no way to turn off comments via social profiles, in case you hate it and want to fall back to the older comment form of

8 thoughts on “Now Comment On Any Blog Using Your Facebook And Twitter Account”

  1. Nice! It is really useful to be able to log in with a Fecebook or Tweeter account. It saves a lot of time to people who likes to surf different blogs and express themselves. Also, as the author says, it could be an efficient way to avoid spam.

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