.Com Domains Celebrates A Silver Jubilee

The internet is a mix of top level domains (TLD), however, the first of the lot were .com domains. Most of the sites have a .com TLD, however, today is more special for .com, since it has completed a silver jubilee and has been in existence for 25 years now.

.Com Domains

.Com domains were first launched on March 15th 1985 when Symbolics computers of Cambridge registered the first domain symbolics.com. That domain was followed by BBN.com and think.com which is now owned by Oracle and redirects to thinkquest.org.

Interestingly the .com Domains were actually implemented in January 1985, however, we can’t blame people back then to give it more than 2 months before they could actually start booking the domains.

Today, getting a decent .com domain is a far fetched idea, and most of the lucrative ones are already in use, however there have been several new TLDs which have sprung up in the meantime including .org and .net. There are also several TLDs which are country specific too.

Here is wishing .Com a Happy Silver Jubilee, we too are a .Com and are proud to be part of it.

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