.Com and .Net Domain Prices To Go Up From July 1st

.Com and .Net form a bulk of the registered and active domains on the Internet. However, if you have either a .com or .net domain or are planning to buy one after July 1st, you will have to pay an extra 7% on .com domains and extra 10% on .net domains.


In a recent newsletter sent by GoDaddy, they have stated that VeriSign, the registry for .COM and .NET domains will increase the prices as stated above, this price increase will then be passed on to users by registrars like GoDaddy.

The increase will also be applied when you renew .com or .net domains. Right now, .com domains can be purchased for around 10$, this might go up to 11$ or 12$ starting July 1st 2010.

However, users can renew or register their domains before July 1st and continue paying the old rates. If you are a GoDaddy user, use the discount coupon "gda334c" to get a 30% discount on your new domain purchase or current domain renewal till April 25th 2010.

One thought on “.Com and .Net Domain Prices To Go Up From July 1st”

  1. It really disappoints me that they would do mass price increases like this. How do they justify this? Is it somehow costing them more to sell domains? This sounds like nothing but a money grab by a company with a monopoly on the best tlds.

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