CNET Faces the Backlash of LimeWire Piracy Ruling

LimeWire has gone down after a well and long fought case. It still exists in forged forms, and there are many alternatives to LimeWire as well. The RIAA’s repeated efforts to shut all of these have failed miserably with their efforts costing them more than the returns they managed to earn in the process.


In a follow up of the court ruling, Alki David has accused CNET and its parent CBS for facilitating downloads of the P2P software LimeWire on their download portals. The specific claim is that CNET’s was the largest provider of LimeWire downloads and should be charged for this.

LimeWire has lost most of its operations after the court ruling and from this recent event, it seems like everyone wants to have a piece of profit from this ruling. It is not a secret anymore that P2P software is indeed used for illegal file sharing but there has to be a clear line on how far this suing business can extend in the matter. Alki David puts an argument saying,

Would gun sellers enjoy “Freedom of Press” protections if they offered catalogs demonstrating the ease of use of the Handguns being Sold for engaging in criminal activities such as robbing stores or banks. Then offering Solutions to specifically cover up your crime.

Now, this is a stupid and totally unrelated analogy. I can come up with anything to counter that. How does this sound?

Would manufacturers of PC and MP3 players be dragged to court next, because eventually, people are going to watch and listen to those pirated music copies on these devices!

The RIAA and other recording labels are not doing any good to artists and software like these punch them in the guts. Bullying LimeWire was relatively easier than bullying CBS will be. It will be interesting to see the future turn of events in this case.

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