Clear Viewing History and Search History in YouTube

is one of my favorite video players and I usually prefer to listen to my music there. However, like with other Google products, YouTube maintains a history of all the videos you have watched or videos you have searched for to make it easier for you to find and watch those videos again.

Clearing Viewing History in YouTube

Although all of Google’s other products have had an opt-in clause for tracking, YouTube never did or had these options hidden. Although, YouTube is now providing users with an easy option to clear their viewing history as well as their search History along with the ability to pause YouTube from tracking it in their new interface.

Clear Search History YouTube

According to Ghacks, YouTube now has a settings page where you will be able to clear your viewing history and search history along with the ability to pause them from tracking it as well. Users can clear or pause their viewing history by visiting this page and their search history by visiting this page.

Please note that YouTube only tracks history for users if they are logged in with a Google account, so you will have to login to YouTube before you can manage or pause your search or viewing history.

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