Cisco Aims to Release a Professional Network by this Year

Cisco has a stronghold on the world of routers and voice and video data transfer technologies. Finally it is exploiting this and jumping into the social networking business with its latest product, the Quad.

Though with so many social networks around us and a few of them catering to business and professional aspects exclusively, there is saturation in this market. So what makes Cisco think it’s network is going to survive?

Well, Cisco here is relying on its supreme video and voice communication technologies and is making this new platform not just a social network but a complete collaboration platform with sharing and live discussions of data, video chatting and web conferencing.

Cisco has made it clear that the product will release this year-end though, it has not announced any price yet. Once released, Quad will be available for the iPhone and iPad. Cisco has an array of technologies related to voice, IM and video communication and Quad seems to be an integration of these technologies. This product can be an instant hit within business enterprise solutions and professionals.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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