Big Brother is Having Big Data Issues

There is a certain faction of people who are paranoid about privacy. They use Tor networks to surf the web, a Google or Facebook account is a big no-no for them, and they like to move in and out of the Internet without a trace, like clockwork. These people are not necessarily hackers or anything, but they take their privacy very seriously. As privacy controls become more intrusive, these paranoid people exist to cry “privacy breach” every time a privacy change is made, exercising just-in-time control.
Constant monitoring attempts by the Government have given rise to a famous line-

Big brother is watching you.

Big Brother here is a fictional character from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-four. Today, the line is being used as a symbol of mass surveillance and abuse of government power. There is no doubt about monitoring attempts and constant supervision of our online activities. Nevertheless, what happens with all the data that governments capture as part of this monitoring?

The various federal and intelligence agencies of the US are not able to handle the amount of data they monitor everyday, and the signs are showing in CIA’s recent urge for a software revolution. Reuters US quotes CIA’s top Technology Officer, saying,

The old way of contracting for proprietary software inhibits flexibility, postponing the CIA’s chance to take advantage of emerging capabilities early on, Hunt said. He added that this made it harder to keep up with “big data” at a time that such challenges are growing while federal agencies are tightening their belts for deficit reduction.

As it turns out, the CIA is having problems analyzing the massive amount of data it sniffs from various sources. To make amends to the situation and match the budget deficit, it recently told its software vendors to gear up, and get ready for a new business model. Hereupon, the CIA wants to pay for software services on a usage basis, rather than contracting the entire development of a product to a vendor.

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