Google Is Ready To Bet $20K on Chrome the Web Browser, Not the Chrome OS Powered CR-48 Notebook

Google is keen on betting huge amounts on its secure and sandboxed Google Chrome web browser. The hackathon at Pwn2Own has seen the Google Chrome web browser enter as a contender with prize money worth $20,000 and a CR-48 notebook, all from Google.


Given the success last year, Google Chrome is keen on seeing whether its sandbox has any discovered flaws this year. Breaking the browser makes breaking the underlying sandbox imminent and this amount of prize money will definitely attract some enthusiasts. Browser manufacturers are also in the habit of fixing security bugs last minute. Therefore, sniping is a risky option and it is best to have a proper investigation beforehand.

PC World has demystified all rumors regarding the bounty and has written,

There are some false reports that Google is offering the bounty for successfully cracking its Chrome OS-based CR-48 notebook. The Google CR-48 notebook will be awarded along with the $20,000 for a successful attack against the Chrome Web browser, but the Pwn2Own info clearly states that the notebook is merely a prize. There will be no attacks mounted against the Chrome OS, and the target Chrome Web browser will actually be running on the latest 64-bit release of either Windows 7 or Mac OS X.

With this year, Google Chrome will probably record a third year of being uncrackable. Its sandbox has been appreciated by many and it efficiently filters out all scripts disallowing them to run on the disk. This offer by Google is the largest on ever by a Pwn2Own participant.

While browsers like Internet Explorer are catching up in security, others like Safari have a reputation of being cracked instantaneously.


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