Chrome Gains Market Share in Feb, All Other Browsers See Drops

There is no doubt that is slowly but steadily becoming the first choice browsers for many users, including those use earlier use Firefox as their default browser, this fact was ratified by stats from Net Market Share, whose analysis showed that Chrome was the only browser to gain market share in February 2010.

Internet Browser Market Share Feb 2010

According to Net Market Share, Chrome gained a little above 0.4% to have a market share of 5.61% in February 2010. On the other hand, Internet Explorer dropped almost 0.6%, Firefox 0.2%, Safari 0.1% market share.

Browser Market Share Feb 2010

Other browsers also gained a market share of around 0.5% along with mini which gained a miniscule 0.05% in Feb. As of today Chrome stands 3rd in the browser list, however it definitely has a large road ahead before it could overtake Firefox or IE.

This shows that more and more users are adopting Google Chrome over other browsers, and this number is bound to grow with new features being added to the browser almost every week. The dev version of Google Chrome 5 has several interesting features which make managing extension easier, so once this version is released as stable it will definitely gain more users.

Have you already switched to Google Chrome? How would you compare it to other browsers you have used in the past? Do let me know through your comments.

[Net Market Share via Electronista]

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