Chinese Internet Penetration Deepens, Mobile Internet Access Crosses Desktop

China already has the world’s largest base of Internet users. Its Internet usage has been so immense, that a new business has sprung up in the niche that helps people abstain from using the Internet- Chinese Internet Bootcamps.

China has claimed 450 million Internet users this year, a number that is one third of China’s entire population. China was already at the top of the list and the current figure is an increase of 20% from last year. Given such a large population on Internet users, the Chinese government’s crackdown on violence and pornography is justified as it affects a large part of the nation.

China has already shutdown 60,000 websites and handed sentences to more than 2000 people for offensive content. Wang Chen, head of China’s State Council Information Office has remarked on the recent crackdowns saying,

Our campaign has not come to a stop. This will be a long battle.

He is pleased with the work his people have done. Moreover, the Great Firewall of China has proven extremely effective in blocking politically offensive content.

Another interesting fact from the report is the increase in the population of mobile Internet users. This population numbers at 277 million, which is well over half of the total Internet users. Clearly, if you want to start an online business, you should not ignore China.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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