China Blocks Wikileaks, Forgets About, Maybe Thanks to Google

Looks like the internet blocking force in China relies on Google more than Bing. Of course what Bing did was not ethical at all, but they are definitely not being used in China.

Wikileaks China

Back Story: China blocked in well, China after they leaked sensitive documents including those which linked China directly to hacks on among other things (Read all China/Google hacking backstories).

What China blocked was only main site,, however, they seem to have forgotten that has now moved to and now has 76 100s of Wikileaks mirrors, making all those documents easily accessible to everyone in well, China among other places where Internet is accessible.

Thanks to Hughesey from View DNS for the tip, this page does show that is still available and kicking in China. Oh and well it might not be so in maybe next few minutes or hours. So as long as you are in China, have fun reading Cablegate on Wikileaks.

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