China Shutting Down Internet Cafes Before National Exams

China is no stranger to banning websites on the Internet, however, a recent directive issued by the Government will cause many people to be flabbergasted.

China Internet Cafes

According to some reports, some Linchuan district officials have given directives to Internet cafe owners to shut down till June 9th to allow students to prepare for the upcoming National College Entrance Exams.

The supposed ban is happening in Linxian county in Shanxi province and Linchuan district in Jiangxi province. Authorities there have warned Internet cafe owners that fines will be levied on them if they do not comply with the directive.

Ironically an official Linchuan Culture Bureau admits that what they are doing is probably illegal, however, what they are doing is for the sake of Linchuan’ education.

Now, I would definitely call such a ban stupid as students can definitely access internet from their home or at their friend’s place, and it is not like only students visit internet cafes. What would happen to the other people who want to access internet and depend on these cafes?

Alas, that is a hard question to answer, but anything can happen in China when it comes to internet.


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