Is China the Next CPU Farm?

China has developed a new processor lineup named Loongson. This CPU has support for the x86 architecture and will power an indigenous supercomputer China is looking forward to, in upcoming months. The processor has already debuted on low-power devices like set-top boxes and netbooks. This summer, a new generation of the processor will be released for the much-hyped homegrown Chinese supercomputer. With this processor family, China wants to do away with all other x86 chips and monopolize the market for this chip.


The Loongson is homegrown and this rids it of any IP associated with American chip manufacturers. However, to overthrow other chipmakers in the market, Loongson will take another ten years, and a further ten to ship in full capacity. However, once ready for mass production, the CPU will be considerably cheaper than its American counterparts.

Peopledaily from China has reported,

National People’s Congress Deputy Hu Weiwu, who is the chief developer of the Loongson series of microchips at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), told reporters on Saturday that the “Dawning 6000” supercomputer, jointly developed by the Institute of Computing Technology of CAS and the Dawning Information Industry Company (DIIC), will adopt Loongson microchips for the first time as its core component. It will have a computing speed of more than 1,000 trillion operations a second.

The new supercomputer is expected to use 10,000 CPUs based on the Loongson and this is a comparatively better solution resulting in massive energy savings from running low-power CPUs.

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