Noble Peace Prize Website Attacked By Hackers, Possibly From China

Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo is their Gandhi and sees enormous  support from pro-democrats. He has taken the path of non-violence to fight for human rights in China and this has led him to win a Nobel Prize for Peace apart from an 11-year old sentence.

Next, following the decision to award him, the Norway based website of the Noble Peace Prize was targeted by cyber-attacks, possibly originating from China.

The author of this  post at C S Monitor writes saying,

My assumption is that it is a Chinese-based actor. I assume a lot of traffic interest is in people coming to the [Nobel] Peace Prize site. The attacker can identify the identity of people of interest to them.

That is not enough fact to claim that the origin is indeed China. However, the Chinese government is particularly upset with the Nobel Committee in this matter as the act of rewarding a convict is a clear disrespect of the judicial system of China.

The trojan used in this case was from Taiwan but might just have sino origins. This attack gives a deja-vu as a similar attack was carried out on Tibetan activists in 2008.

China is long suspected to have an elite team of hackers at its disposal but these could have been shed as rumors up until now.  Now that we are seeing more on-demand action from China, it gets easier for us to believe such rumors. On a related note,  we still dread the Operation Aurora.

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