Now that Google is Out, China is Building its own Search Engine

China’s huge population can put it on the top on quite some “world’s most” lists. Following that trend, China has the largest number of mobile subscribers and Internet users.

However, the Chinese Government is not very keen on boasting about these figures. Instead, it sees a reason to regulate this population. China is planning to develop a government controlled search engine in collaboration with many organizations. This would possibly allow the Chinese  Government  to serve completely autonomous content in search results.

Baidu is the prevalent search engine in China. Baidu rose to complete rule in China after the government booted out Google. However, now China’s official news media Xinhua and China Mobile, the largest mobile network in China joined hands to create “Search Engine New Media International Communications Company”, the new face of web search in China.

If this goes on, China can really succeed in pissing off its citizens who happen to be avid Internet users. In such a situation, they will have to be content with the fact that there is another country called North Korea, which is at a worse state when it comes to the Internet!

The actions against Google were simply seeds sown to the tree that can be seen as growing now. Now, we need to see how well Baidu holds up against this recent development.

(Via:  NY Times)

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