China Blocks WikiLeaks and Chinese News on the Released Cables

In a recent move, China has blocked access to WikiLeaks and the released documents. It has also blocked access to some of the Chinese news sites who covered and published the released documents. This has been done to preserve China-US relations. However, blocking the content is not be best way to do so as the people of China will eventually grow even more curious about what was out there.

Hong Lei, a spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, said at a Beijing news conference:

China takes note of the government reports. We hope the U.S. side will handle the relevant issues. As for the content of the documents, we will not comment on that.

The only articles that people in China can see are US responses on the matter.

For China, making this move is very relevant as the released cables include a Chinese individual telling the US embassy in China about the Chinese Politburo that attempted to hack into Google China computers and mastered the Operation Aurora.

Whether this irrational blocking of WikiLeaks by China is strictly, a measure to prevent any harm to diplomatic relations with the US or to keep people out of the loop on the proceedings of this matter is a mystery.


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