China Blocks Foursquare Over Tian’anmen Square Controversy

It seems like the list of banned web services in China keeps getting longer. After Twitter, Flickr and YouTube, China has recently blocked access to the social networking service Foursquare. A popular Chinese tech blog TechBlog86 reports that people were using Foursquare to check in to Tian’anmen square and leaving sensitive comments. This clearly upset Chinese authorities who go to any length to prevent any highlight of the 1989 Tian’anmen square massacre.

On June 4th 1989, Chinese authorities killed over 3,000 protestors and have been trying since to burry the issue. Last year, China banned Twitter and Flickr on the Tian’anmen square anniversary when people started tweeting about the controversial issue and this year its Foursquare. As reported, the service is blocked nation wide.

To protest the Tian’anmen square killings, people from all over China were using Foursquare to check in to the square even when they were not physically there. ┬áThis can be done by going to the Foursquare site through mobile or web and changing your location. The ban is not expected to last long but definitely shows how serious Chinese authorities are about censorship. Here are some more details if you want to know about what happened at Tian’anmen square 21 years ago.

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