Rescued Chilean Miners To Get Free iPod Touch from Steve Jobs

It looks like the recently rescued Chilean Miners will have their hands full with some top-notch devices. After getting a PS3 for keeping themselves motivated, the rescued miners will also get a new , which is a personal gift from Steve Jobs.

Chile Miners iPod Touch Gift from Steve Jobs

The iPod Touch gifts from Steve Jobs was reported by Le Figaro, a French daily newspaper. However, it was not clear whether the devices they would get is the iPod Touch 3G or .

Rest aside, after those 69 days inside the mine, these guys deserve all the goodies that can come their way.

(Source: App Advice)

One thought on “Rescued Chilean Miners To Get Free iPod Touch from Steve Jobs”

  1. Never misses an opportunity for publicity the heartless tat-merchant Steve Jobs. You should be ashamed of yourself for using this to market your products. Sick.

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