Google’s Children’s Day Doodle Sketched By 7-Yr Old Child Artist

If you happen to go to Google’s India page, and chances are that you will, you’ll witness a nice doodle made on the account of Children’s Day. What you may also know, if you’ve read it here, is that this doodle was sketched by a child artist 7 yr old Varsha Gupta from Noida, India.

Happy Children's Day from Google

The doodle is quite artistic, really. Just like different musical instruments come together with their varied sounds to create a heavenly contribution, so is India a country where people of different backgrounds (race, religion and customs) mingle to create a unified strand of humanity. The letters are represented by different musical instruments and they all come together, harmoniously, to produce the music of the word Google’. Just like India.

The child artist

A mouse-over reveals that the doodle is created by Doodle 4 Google India 2011 winner Varsha Gupta. Clicking it takes you to a page returning search results for Children’s Day’. For me, the imperfections in the doodle are essential. This was evidently crafted by the innocent hands of a child and it shows. This is also what makes it so special. At least for one day, we might stop being professional or perfectionists and simply remember our childhoods, when having fun was top priority. It’s tough to maintain that in life.

Chacha’ Nehru (or Uncle’ Nehru) would have been quite thrilled at this, given that he adored children and rightly considered them to be the most potent force in India. Today is his birthday and this is Google’s way of saying Happy Birthday’ to a visionary and a builder of independent India.

We at Techie-Buzz say Congratulations’ to Varsha Gupta and Happy Birthday’ to Chacha Nehru.

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