Check out Proview’s “IPAD”

Proview International Holdings Ltd. is suing Apple for a trademark violation. It has alleged that Apple had used a fake company to buy the rights to the iPad name for just $55,000 in 2009.

There is a massive drive in China to confiscate Apple iPads after the rulings from local courts were announced. Apple has apparently infringed the trademark on the name “iPad” that is currently used by a product from Proview called the “Internet Personal Access Device”. After Proview won cases in various Chinese courts this year, it has resulted in the iPad being removed from the shelves in several Chinese cities. Proview has even threatened to take the fight to Apples’s backyard with the U.S. legal system.

A representative from Proview has been quoted saying,

“I think in the future we will sue Apple in the U.S. We are looking to choose between three different U.S. law firms.”

This is a change in circumstances as Apple had sued Proview in 2010 and tried to force it to handover the rights to the iPad name for mainland China. This was filed in the Hong Kong high court that ruled in Apple’s favor.

This device has a slight resemblance to the iMac, but that’s just about where the similarities end.

To prove their point, Proview actually held a press conference  on Friday to showcase their sales brochure. Proview said that it had spent $30 million on the computer, producing between 10,000-20,000 of them from 1998 until 2009. However, sources say that the company is in debt and requires a generous settlement to keep away its creditors.

The rumor floating about is that Proview is going looking for a pay off of as much as $2 billion from Apple, though some sources from the company have denied the claim.

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