Can’t Touch This! MC Hammer Introduces New Search Engine – WireDoo

In an effort to show the world that he is still too legit to quit, MC Hammer introduced his newest endeavor – WireDoo! The announcement was made at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco yesterday. reports that the rapper-turned-internet-pioneer’s company slogan is “Search once, see what relates”.


MC Hammer admitted that the world didn’t need another search engine but that WireDoo is “about relationships beyond just the keywords”. Apparently, this new service will strive to find content surrounding the key words entered. It will use “deep search” and “relationship search” technologies to get better results. At this time, the details are vague. As you can see from the picture below, WireDoo is not yet available. You can sign up for their beta test and they will notify you when they are ready.


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MC Hammer is currently CEO of Alchemist Management, a mixed martial arts management and marketing company. The “About” section of their website describes him best, saying, “Legendary music icon and master of reinvention MC Hammer is CEO of Alchemist Management. Most recently, Hammer became one of the most influential personalities on the social media platform Twitter with over 1.8 million followers.” Wow, who would have ever thought that. I guess that rebel spirit of his is the secret of his success.

MC Hammer
Courtesy of Alchemist Management Website

There is a disappointing lack of information on the Web 2.0 Conference’s website. I am not sure if there are legal issues that surround posting videos of the rap mogul, or whether they are simply not taking him seriously. I am very curious to see where his newest endeavor takes him. It may not reinvent the web, but I think it will be fun to watch.

What do you think? Will this new endeavor go the way of parachute pants, or will it be a roaring success?


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