Cameron Diaz is the Sweet Spot in Malware Baits

Cameron Diaz is the top favorite celebrity on the Internet when it comes to malware. Security company McAfee recently conducted a study in which, Cameron Diaz turned out to be the name associated with malware at large. It is a hot favorite for attracting traffic and the success rate, as projected by McAfee is a whooping one in ten when considering search results.

The search result was tested for the term “Cameron Diaz and screensavers”. McAfee researched the results returned for the names of celebrities, politicians and numerous other famous personalities. The data was estimated by comparing stats from McAfee SiteAdvisor against a search term.

SiteAdvisor provides content advice for websites like presence of malware. The earlier record was held by Jessica Biel who dropped to third place this year. Julia Roberts took second place while Brad Pitt, at 10th position was the first man. As evident from this, men are more  susceptible  to getting affected by malware.

The news of  McAfee being acquired by Intel gained pace recently and you can get more on it from this earlier coverage. With this acquisition, Intel is not only acquiring a security firm but also a huge data powerhouse in the form of the SiteAdvisor. Let us see what Intel cooks up with McAfee.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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