Google Plus One Votes Being Sold By SEO Firms And Social Media Shops, Should You Buy Them?

Google’s +1 service helps people discover relevant content.

It can be a website, a photo, an advertisement or a video, content that gets plus one’d from people present in your social circles are showcased on top of search results. This is Google’s attempt to offer personalized content on search result pages, so that users can find content based on their social recommendations.

The game of search has changed. And changed for good.

No longer can any particular site dominate the search results by buying tons of links, the playing field has been leveled by human engagement. Social signals are a strong factor now.

The way Google search is evolving, web marketers are increasingly focusing on engaging people and drifting away from classical link marketing. Does that mean SEO firms have to close shop and find alternative ways to foster their business?

Apparently, no. Instead, they have now found a new way to game clients Buy social signals for $249, Cheap google Plus one votesand 50 Google Plus onesare new one-liners.

How Some SEO Firms Are Selling Google +1 Votes

Just a simple Google search for buy Google Plus onesand you will end up finding quite a good number of sources selling Google Plus ones.

buy-google-plus-ones and are the two sites who are selling Google Plus ones in exchange of hard cash, I am sure more social media shops will join them in coming days. Their pitch is simple, buy Google plus one votes from real people (or spammers) and see the impact of these plus ones on your ranking.


Here is a quote from which sounds lucrative

Buying Plus Ones can help your site stand out by showing Google that the content featured on it or the page being Plussed is of value to real people and not spammy. Similar to Facebook’s LIKE, the Twitter FOLLOW or Digg’s DIGG it adds a human aspect to the ranking algorithm used by search engines and social bookmarking sites

buying-plus-onesNot getting enough plus one’s on your sales page? These services claim that all their plus ones come from human computers, no bots are used. Core principles are listed below:

  1. All +1′s come from people with a Google account that has been verified by phone (Phone Verified Accounts)
  2. All +1′s come from real people. No bots are being used!
  3. All +1′s are being given by manually going to your website and clicking the +1 button
  4. It’s untraceable because the +1′s are being given from different IP’s
  5. All +1′s are given dripped over a couple of days so it looks natural

Sounds good? Let me tell you, this is CRAP!

Why Buying Google Plus One’s Might not Help But Hurt

This concept is not new, we have seen retweet clubs, 3 way Facebook fan pages and Digg groups created solely for the purpose of pushing each others content on social sites and search engines.

You tweet each and every link from my blog and I will do the same for you

You give me 500 Diggs from your network and I will give you 500 in return. Hence, both of us will end up having 1000 Diggs and we will be at the first page

These forced social sharing concept is nothing but a fallacy. Its just a fancy name of spamming, if you are doing this to your followers – I beg of you STOP IT.

And neither they help you get higher ranks for your content. It’s a myth and you should understand a few things before trying to game a search engine:

1. Search engines work universally for everyone.   If someone doesn’t have a Google account, will he see completely different results for a given search query? No.

2. Google Plus ones, retweets, Facebook likes are strong social signals but they help only on the social recommendation level. Getting a thousand plus one’s on any given page will not push your content for everyone.

Example: If I am connected to John on Twitter and John plus one’s a page about WordPress, there is a chance that I will see John’s link on Google; the next time I search for something related to WordPress.

Now if that page receives 500 Plus ones from different users, will it get a permanent spot on Google search results for a given search query? No.

So what is the point of buying Google Plus ones, retweets or Facebook likes? The spammers who are voting your content for money are not present in the social circle of everyone.

And here is why this behavior might hurt rather than helping you.

Google can precisely detect the user engagement of a given page, over a given period of time. How much time do visitors spend on your page, what other pages they are reading, where are they coming from,   search queries and everything.

Take it from me – its impossible to manipulate or compensate for   the organically generated data, you can’t do it with 10,000 spammers working for you on a given page over a course of 1 year.

Instead, Google can detect spammy behavior and whether a site owner is engaging in over optimization techniques.

Some examples:

1. This site was nothing the other day and suddenly, we have 40,000 pages in the index.
2. This is an ecommerce site and for the past couple of months, all their backlinks have the exact same anchor text.
3. The people who have +1’d pages on this site have also +1’d thousands of pages on other sites. Interestingly, these pages do not match and they have nothing in common.

A high school drop out can do the math from the above equations, forget complex search algorithms.

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Amit Banerjee

Amit has been writing for Techie Buzz since early 2009 and keeps a close eye on web apps, Google and all things Tech. He also writes at his own tech blog, Ampercent. Follow him on Twitter @ amit_banerjee

  • Dustin

    “1. Search engines work universally for everyone. If someone doesn’t have a Google account, will he see completely different results for a given search query? No.”

    This is plain false. Log in to your Google Account and Plus One a website, then check the results for the keyword. Now log out and check it again. It will go back to where it was before you +1’ed it. The results do change based on Google Account if you Plus One a website.

    • Of course they do and I am not arguing on that issue.

      What I am saying is that suppose Mr X and Mr Y are two person where X has a Google account while Y does not. When they both search for something (say ABC), will they see completely different results? Of course not, there can be slight changes based on social and search history but they should be quite close.

      my Point is that the search system is designed in such a way that it should continue to give relevant results to just about anyone…whether or not he has a Google account or not or whether he has plus oned pages on other websites.

  • You are 100% correct. The problem with Google places in the past was the ease in which anyone could buy ‘fake reviews’ for a company. You could have people in India typing away positive reviews all day long and suddenly your business shows 1,000 people ‘love’ your shop in Google.

    Google has gotten very wise to that type of forgery and Google+ and +1 is OBVIOUSLY being engineered in a way that will ultimately CATCH and KILL people who do this. Like you said, now that they can track a user through the entire experience, it’s going to be easy to stop. They will track down fake accounts based on lack of usage and can track down the sources by using complex traffic analysis.

    They probably won’t do anything to the suckers wasting money on fake +1 votes for a page. What will be easier for them is to identify the accounts that aren’t doing anything useful other than making fake +1 votes – then ban those. Suddenly all the +1 votes people paid for are gone, so are the fake accounts, and the companies that took all the money of people thinking they were gaming the system.

    • Yep, that’s the idea. Its not worth falling for these services because any forced methods are short lived and wont help you in the bigger picture. Well, If it helped, everyone will start going it which will crash the whole system itself.

  • Dorian

    Could you please show us an example of a site that was banned from getting Plus Ones.
    What if one of my competitors decided to pay someone to give my site 50.000 +1’s?
    Would I dissapear from Google results?

    • Rick

      You bring up a good point. How would Google tell the difference?

    • Rick

      Also, who’s to stop somebody from doing Black Hat SEO to sabotage a competitors site ?

  • Promoting google+ votes is becoming a very hot business. Using these types of services could have negative or positive affects on SEO.
    We just have to see how google treats them. Another place to buy google plus votes is
    Will be interesting to see how this evolves over the next few months.

  • “No longer can any particular site dominate the search results by buying tons of links, the playing field has been leveled by human engagement. Social signals are a strong factor now.”

    Are you… a crazy person?

    Show me *one* SERP where a site with significantly less links and worse anchor text is consistently outranking the competition with “social” as the only good explanation. (Not ranking well for 4 hours while its hot on twitter then falling back down – solid ranking)

    Links still rules the SERPs. Please stop spreading misinformation about the power of social signals.

  • Google plus1 offered by these services are done manually without any proxies. so it will be tough for google to track down.

  • If you are correct, the Google +1 button could be a nice tool for Google Bowling from competitors.

  • Is there any way to get plus 1s without buying them so it does not seem to be spam.

  • I don’t agree. I am launching a site to sell the Plus 1’s today and I will make $$$$. You have your adsense tailored to this page to the point that it is deceitful (looks like content) that is no different. We are all trying to make money. We are Google’s PRODUCT; not the other way around. Everyone will have thousands of Plus ones and that’s just the way it is. It is a stupid gimmick from Google and they will need to create another soon to stay ahead of me.

  • John Cobby

    Stop spreading shit unless you have any idea what you are talking about. If your point is correct anyone can sabotage their competitor by just buying their competitors site 100 votes by spending $50. Should I be afraid of it or are you ? Don’t write your opinion as a verdict. And as the last man said we see you are fooling people too by misguiding them into clicking the hidden adsense ads. Think about it :) hope my comment doesn’t get eaten away.

  • Thanks for all the insight Amit. All I can say is that I don’t want to be one of the sites that will find out the hard way!

    It is a fact that Social Media mentions and interaction are a factor but I would never recommend such a risky strategy. Not to get to far off topic, but I do find it interesting that when I search for SEO I see some G+ results on the right now :)

  • Cesar

    Hey, you are wrong my friend. If Google decides to drop rankings on all sites getting too many votes, that will be the strategy for destroying competition.
    Google can simply ignore it and keep your rankings, can improve your rank but neve, I say NEVER do some sort of sandbox to your site. Not even if you create 50k backlinks to any website, same anchor text and so, would get you sandboxed. How can Google hurt your site without any prove you have done it?
    Sorry, but of course your would never go up on rankings if your votes come all of a sudden, like your site has been getting 1 vote per day and in 48 hours it gets 100 votes. It doesnt work for sure but, if those sites start selling votes, drip feed, 1 or two a day and get increasing very slow, several deeper urls, that would work for sure. Thats the kind of service we dont have right now. Another point is value according to geo position. How can a website in portuguese star getting votes, tons of them from UK?
    The only way this system can work is:
    – Votes in a very slow rate, I believe no more than 1 or 2 per url a day
    – Accounts from all over the language countries the site is written, geo locations really spread
    – IPs have to be from the area of account created
    – Visitor has to stay at least 40s to 60s on page and vote after that

    Anyway, services should work like normal visitors and could be much better is they research keyword first and after that visit the page and do the process.
    If anyone can provide that kind of service, it will work for sure and the price would be very high I think. But anyone with that kind of system contact me, I’m interested.

  • you are also a spamer by repaating word google plus 5 times for non sense.

  • Nice site for likes/Plus ones are

  • ArfanHossain

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