BT-Yahoo Dumps Yahoo mail over Hacking Claims from Consumers is getting a major makeover, and an even bigger part of this makeover is its decision to dump Yahoo! Mail for its six million customers. BT is one of the largest and the oldest telecommunication companies in the world. It has a decade-old deal with Yahoo! Mail for providing mail accounts to new subscribers. However, recently, a large number of these subscribers started complaining about hacking attempts, which led to this decision. This decision by BT will have an adverse effect on Yahoo! mail service and give its CEO Marissa Mayer a bad day at work.


BT has used Yahoo! as the default mail provider for its customers for over a decade now, but starting February this year, a number of users accounts were hacked and used to send spam emails. Although an investigation was launched into the matter in March, users continued complaining on the BT online forum.

The decision to ditch Yahoo mail is part of a bigger plan, which includes many changes and improvements in BT’s consumer offerings. BT’s Consumer Division Director, Nick Wong, has said,

The new will feature breaking and exclusive news and features from a dedicated team of journalists at the Press Association covering areas such as news, entertainment and lifestyle. With also launching in the summer, we’ll bring customers exclusive live sports action as well. The new BT Mail will include the features and functions such as in-built anti-virus and anti-spam applications.

Along with a super-massive email deal, Yahoo will also lose a substantial amount of traffic to its homepage, which was set to for all BT subscribers by default. Now, BT will promote its own news service on their homepages. In other news, British Sky Broadcasting recently struck a deal with Yahoo! for providing email accounts to its users but this will just not cover the massive customer base that Yahoo is losing in BT.

This decision by BT will force Yahoo to rethink the features it is (not) providing to its users, and how close these features are to the ones that users really want and need.

Read more at their official announcement.

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