Use Firefox As A File Browser With Firefly [Firefox Extension]

Firefox constitutes a major part of our online activities and there are several add-ons we use to increase productivity, though that list is definitely not the end and there will be lot of more add-ons which will definitely be a part of that list over time.

Talking about the list, it definitely grew today with the discovery of Firefly a nifty little extension that allows you to browse your files and folders on Windows and Nix. Firefly allows you to browse the files in 4 different modes such as details, list, tiles and gallery. You can browse multiple folders at once by creating several tabs.

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You can also perform regular tasks such as copying files, pasting them along with being able to delete them from within Firefox. Firefly allows you to pause/cancel/resume the file operations while providing you with alerts in case duplicate entries are present in the destination folder.


You can also view the properties for any file or folder along with being able to change their permissions to hidden, read-only or system file. File previews for audio/video, documents, PDFs and images are built in but you will require additional plugins for them to work.

Overall we are quite happy with the plugin, except that we would love the developer to improve on the user interface. This extension makes it into the list of add-ons we use to make Firefox more productive.

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