Broadband is Now a Legal Right in Finland

Finland has taken its citizen further on the verge of civilization with a new law that guarantees Broadband access to one and all. This right places a 1 Mbps broadband Internet access at the same level of healthcare and education.

Finland and Spain are the two countries to have passed this kind of legislation. This is just the beginning though. The Finnish government is all set to provide a 100 Mbps connection to its citizen by 2015. With the current rate of broadband usage standing at 97%, we can safely assume this goal can be achieved.

The law passed in France has received considerable appreciation from the European Union, which sees broadband as a fundamental right.

The source on this news writes,

Finland’s operators have pushed ahead with high-speed next-generation network (NGN) deployment, with all three mobile operators deploying UMTS900 technology, and the government has now taken the significant step of making access to broadband mandatory.

Comparing to the condition in countries like India where a large number of people still struggle to get a working Internet connection and an even larger number has not even used it already, Finland seems to be a tech-haven.


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