Britney Spears vs. Ashton Kutcher, Celeb Wars on Twitter

The celebrity fan following wars has taken over from a real life into an online form in the wake of this Internet era.

Britney Spears is your hottie in reel life, but wait. She is the hottest person on twitter too! We all know the metrics of being hot on Twitter and Britney has got it right. Britney Spear will overtake Ashton Kutcher’s follower count soon. Kutcher has a current strong and growing follower count of 4,890,797 whereas Britney has a follower count of 4,878,516 which is not just growing but accelerating!

This title was last held by CNN which Ashton Kutcher overtook last year around this time. One thing to note here is that, CNN’s account was managed by a group of people, Ashton Kuthcer’s account is solely managed by him and he has good tweeting habits. Britney Spears, on the other hand shares her account with Adam Leber who happens to be her manager. originally reported this saying,

After famously beating CNN to 1 million followers last April, Ashton Kutcher has been the undisputed king of Twitter, gaining more followers than anyone else on the micro-blogging site. But are his days as Twitter’s most popular user numbered?

It is estimated that Britney Spears will take the crown from Kutcher in around a fortnight if her following continues to grow at this rate.

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