Bring Google Reader To Life with Feedly
By on June 26th, 2008

We have been big fans of Google Reader for quite some time and simply love the simplicity and features it provides us with. But over time Google Reader has started to get more boring with little or no interface updates making feed reading a routine rather than a fun ride.

Well that was until we came across Feedly a Firefox Extension which definitely adds the spice to the plain old Google Reader. Feedly as they claim is a more social and magazine-like start page for Firefox and believe us it is definitely worthwhile to use.

Let us start with a few screenshots to show you the stark difference between regular Google Reader and Feedly.

Google Reader Home Page

Google Reader Home Page Click To Enlarge

Feedly Home Page

Feedly Home Page Click to Enlarge

Google Reader Inner Page

Google Reader Inner Page, Click to Enlarge

Feedly Inner Page

Feedly Inner Page Click to Enlarge

Well as you can see from the screenshots Feedly definitely breathes some life into Google Reader and makes reading content much more easier.

Major Features of Feedly

What’s New

The what’s new? page provides a real-time summary of the most relevant content available on the web based on your interests, your reading patterns and recommendations from your friends.

Annonate + Share

The annotation tool makes it easy to clip the most interesting parts of a an article and share them with your friends. It also allows you to easily search for related information.

Twitter Integration

Twitter integration allows you to easily spread the word about articles you find interesting. In context.

The Wall

The wall gives you a quick overview all the all the articles recommended and annotated by your friends. It combines your activity on both twitter and feedly.

Synchronization With Google Reader

Feedly is integrated with Google Reader so any subscriptions you add to feedly will be added to Google Reader, any article you read or recommend in feedly will be marked as read and shared in Google Reader. And vice versa.

Product Tour

Watch the video below to get a guided tour of how Feedly works;


Feedly is definitely worth a try if you have been using Google Reader quite a lot and want to make content more easier to devour. There are tons of features which you can explore in Feedly that makes it worthwhile.

Download Feedly Beta 1 Firefox Extension

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  • Edwin Khodabakchian

    Thank you very much for writing this review. We are still early in the dev cycle and look forward to people suggestions as to what needs to be polished and what needs to be changed.

    One clarification: the focus of feedly is not to replace google reader, specially if you are a super heavy Google Reader user. Google Reader was designed around productivity and they excel in that area. feedly instead is trying to see if by compromising some of the productivity aspects for a more fun/magazine-like experience we can bring package and bring RSS and social sharing to a more mainstream audience. We are not there yet but this is our goal/focus (hence the start page position versus the RSS reader positioning).

    Thanks again and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Edwin (contributor to the feedly project)

    • Keith Dsouza

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Edwin. I mus say feedly is definitely a nice service that you have created and it definitely rocks. Also thanks for your clarification about the service.

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