Bet, Brag And Banter With Friends as Euro 2012 Football is On

Euro 2012 is on with the highest level of footballing skills on show. It’s a season of great pub times, large screens, table banging, friends’ banter, and everybody is suddenly an expert. If you are missing out on the Euro madness, call in your gang and be the Football guru online. Not just that, if your team do have the right predicting power you can bag some free cash.


Irish startup BragBet has recently launched a new service based on social gambling. You can invite friends by email or Facebook to join your team. During the Euro 2012 Championship, each team member will take turns to be the captain of the team, who will also place bets for the team. Other members can place suggestions on the team wall for all the bets available. There is also a €1000 bounty for the leading tipster as well. To start with, you will have €125 for each team member who joins your team.

Gambling may sound a little scary as you have high chances to lose than to win. Fret not, there is no actual cash flow here. It’s a virtual betting social network or I would prefer to say it a social gambling game. Once the real gambling service is out, players can place money on the team which their captain can use to place bets. The beta service has only launched just more than a week ago and the engagement they are experiencing are overwhelming by their terms.

Phil Riordan(current CEO), Jonathan O’Neill and Brian O’Mullane met during the 2010 Start-Up Weekend in Dublin and soon after they started working on the gambling category which is expected to grow extensively in the future times. Although some firms has already shown their interests in the newly launched service, the developers are wary of the fewer number of VCs in the gambling startup industry. BragBet is currently focusing on the Euro games but plans to extend to other premier leagues as well as sports.

Being social is the need of the day and hopefully with Euro madness on, people can still enjoy the social aspect related to the games. With sharing capability any BragBet user can share (on Facebook) the teams they are rooting for and placing bets on. So until and unless the gambling aspect takes an ugly turn, you can still brag about your football insights and predictions.

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