BP Wants To Friend You On YouTube For Gulf Oil Spill

After creating one of the biggest disasters in US history with the Gulf Oil Spill, British Petroleum (BP) has tried to buy ads on Google to get their message through, however, they have not just stopped at buying ads for Google search and have been promoting their message on too.

Friend BP Ad on YouTube

If you visit YouTube to watch a video you might see a new friendly ad from BP which asks you to Friend them, the link on the ad points to the same BP video which has also been linked through Google search for the search term "oil spill" and other BP related queries.

In the video you will see BP CEO Tony Hayward saying that they take full responsibilities for whatever happened and cleaning it up too.

I found the ad improper in the sense that BP has not yet cleaned its act up and are using the web as a medium to show messages which are totally inappropriate. Remember the Toyota problem? I would suggest that such ads not be show unless and until they are very sure about what they are doing.

Assuring people is a necessity, but only when you yourself are sure about what you are going to do to address the issue on hand.

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