Suddenly, Blocked Results Are Back In Google Search

Suddenly, Blocked Results Are Back In Google Search

It has been nearly one year since Google released Personal Blocklist, a Chrome extension, which can be used to block specific sites on Google search result pages. This was soon followed by a built in search feature, whereby you can block all the pages of a given site directly from the search result page. After performing a query and visiting the target website, if you hit the back button and return to the Google search result page, you would be greeted by a link which allows you to block all results from that specific website. An example is shown below:


On clicking the “Block all results” link, the site would literally disappear from the search result page and the domain will be added to the list of blocked sites on your Google search preferences . This feature was very useful in keeping spam results from junk sites at bay; although it appears that something has malfunctioned recently.

As noted by Alex Chitu, personalized blocked results have started re-appearing on Google search since this morning.This might be temporary glitch but as of now, you can’t block any website from a Google search result page. Have a look below:

Looking into my personal list of blocked sites on Google search, I found that the earlier preferences are sometimes, working normally. To be precise, if you have blocked a domain weeks ago, Google might still show the message “You have blocked n results” on top of the search result page. However, you can’t block a website right now, neither manually, nor from any Google search result page.


And here is another exception when a website which was blocked on June 17th, 2011, is still appearing on Google search result pages. No message is shown


Matt Cutts, the guy who heads the webspam team at Google said:

This is temporary and the right people are looking at what needs to be done to re-enable this feature, but it might take some time.

I am curious to know why is it going to “take some time”, considering the tech company we are talking here is Google. I hope this is indeed “temporary” and not a head on collision with the Search Plus Your World nightmare, which is going to happen within a week or two.

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  • Fred

    3 months later, trouble seems still to be there.
    Looking up for it, I found your blog.
    Is it really still an issue at Google? Or is there something I have missed to re-enabled the personal block list?

  • Phil

    Nah, it really is google. It’s May 17 and it still doesn’t work. We are working on it usually is google speak for “That fool thinks we are going to fix this instead of let it die.” So I get spam results from sites I blocked. I tend to use Bing more now because of this. Google has become the “I need to find a book” search engine.

    Why is this site insisting I enter a web site? I just entered this one to get posted.

    • Charles

      Nice. I was trying to find out why the sites I tried to add in Search Preferences -> Manual block were not only not showing up in the list of sites I have blocked, but not blocking anything either.

      Guess the content farms screamed loud enough Google removed this feature, since it has been almost 6 months since this perfectly working feature has been removed. If they aren’t gonna return it, why not just say so instead of bald-faced lying about it, saying they are “working on it”?