Too Much Noise On Your Google Plus Timeline? Practice Ignorance

Ding Dong.

You have 100+ notifications on Google Plus and 569 people have added you to their Google Plus circles.

Mr XYZ has shared a whole bunch of posts with you.

ignoreOvertime, the incoming stream in your Google plus profile might get flooded with updates from people whom you don’t know and neither you have interacted with them earlier, nor you wish to do in near future. Random people keep adding you to their circles for whatever reasons and these notifications just don’t stop. The situation is worse when an unknown person keeps sharing posts with you and your smartphone rings up every other minute “Mr XYZ has shared a post with you.

There are two ways to get over this notification massacre and clean up the incoming timeline on Google Plus – Ignore and Block.

What Happens When you Block Someone on Google Plus

Like every other social site, Google Plus has a blockoption which is equivalent to a DEAD END. Whenever you block someone on Google Plus, the following things happen:

  • They are removed from your circles and extended circles.
  • They won’t be able to see anything you share on your Google Plus profile. If you precisely share a post with a particular person you have blocked earlier, he won’t be able to see it unless you unblock him first and then share the post again.
  • They can’t comment in any of your posts.
  • You won’t see any of their posts in your Google Plus stream.
  • You won’t get notifications of any activity the person may be involved with.
  • You can always unblockthem from your circles page.
  • The person whom you have blocked never gets to know whether you have blocked him or not. Clever!

I don’t want anything to do with this person, ever! If there is a Shift + Delete button on Google Plus, I would probably hit that

If this is your reaction, you should use blockinstead of ignore. You can block specific users from your Google Plus timeline or from your circles page, as shown in the following example screenshots:



What Happens When You Ignore Someone On Google Plus

Ignoring someone on Google Plus is considered a little liberal. Its similar to a semi opaque glass window where people can see you from the other side but you don’t see them from yours. When you ignore someone on Google Plus, the following things happen:

  • You won’t see any of their posts in the incoming stream
  • You won’t get notifications about their activities
  • You won’t see them on your circles page.
  • You can clear the ignoredlist from your circles page.
  • Similar to the Blockoption, people whom you ignore will never get the notification that you have ignored them.

All right, you guys can read my posts and updates but I am just not interested in your activities..   Put on your black goggles by hitting ignorein the notification drop-down or from the incomingstream, as shown below:


The Ignore’ option is similar to Twitter’s followmodel where anyone can follow your updates but you don’t necessarily follow theirs.

Instead of using Block, I would prefer using the ignoreoption to clean up my Google Plus incoming timeline from junk updates. As long as you are not sharing very very personal updates publicly, you should choose ignoreover blockbecause the former keeps your fans while the latter shuts the door on their face.

The following video clearly  explains  the differences between “ignore” and “block” in Google Plus:

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