After Blackberry, now GMail and Skype will face problems in India

After  Blackberry went into probation for two months, now the Indian government has turned its attention to Google and Skype. Indian security agencies are taking the secure channels of telecom firms and services too seriously and their incompetence to handle insurgency is having a direct impact on the security of general Internet users.

Skype has an excellent VOIP security and Google’s Gmail service has a strong encryption. Both of these cannot be intercepted successfully and thus, they are the next targets of the Indian government scrutiny. Apart from this, VPNs used by company networks will also face the heat in this matter.

A senior government official told the PTI,

The notices to these entities will be issued beginning Tuesday and all of them will be asked to comply with the directive or else they will have to close down their networks.

While Blackberry agreed to setup a server in India to continue providing not all ongoing services, Google and Skype have yet responded officially. Given the population of users in India, both Gmail and Skype will not want to upset a huge customer’s base.


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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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