BitTorrent Plans on Remodeling the Entertainment Industry

The internet is a digital content haven. It has created a profitable industry for content producers as well as content hosting mediums. Though, the best thing to have happened, is the rise of indie artists. If you are an artist, you no longer needs to have a record label branding or million dollar contracts to sell content. All you need to do is pick a content-hosting service, and you are good to go.

Being a proponent of open content, BitTorrent knows this fact, and it has a grand plan to monetize the massive amount of content flying and flowing around. A recent post on the BitTorrent blog announces their desire to monetize the BitTorrent stream. This is one such monetization plan.

Not only does the BitTorrent Bundle contain exclusive video, artwork and tracks from DJ Shadow’s new project Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era (1992-1996); a celebration of the vintage years which made Shadow world-famous. It’s also a glimpse into the future of creativity. This is the first BitTorrent Bundle to feature a software package offer from one of our media partners, in what promises to be a groundbreaking experiment.

According to this new model, DJ Shadow here is the content producer, and BitTorrent gets a cut from its media partners, every time his bundle is downloaded via BitTorrent. In turn, DJ Shadow gets a share of this revenue earned by BitTorrent, and everyone goes home happy. This makes sense, and at the end of the day, the artist is paid well, without all the layers of bureaucracy between the content producer and the revenue source.

Content comes in various forms. We have bloggers on the Internet who are at times, better than conventional journalists are. We have YouTube artists who sing better than the original artists do at times. There are a number of people on the Internet doing amazing things and teaching others to do it as well. The world has undergone a cultural revolution, thanks to the Internet and digital content is at the heart of this revolution. This remodeling will go a long way towards clearing the stigma associated with torrent technology, as one that steals money from artists.

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