Bittorrent Pirates Are Everywhere, Even Inside Sony and Fox Networks!

Over the last year, there has been a hard crackdown on piracy, backed by lobbying efforts from the media industry. These efforts made the RIAA and the MPAA the most notorious lobbying groups of last year. Their efforts have been overshadowed by the ongoing SOPA case, but they still exist and are fully functional, nonetheless.  These firms earn their daily bread by preparing infringement cases for media companies like Sony, Fox and NBC. Though, what happens when people inside these very companies are found downloading files illegally?

The guys at TorrentFreak used the web-service,  which tracks IP addresses and links them to Torrent downloads. Using this service, they found illegal downloads taking place inside Sony and Fox. They also found illegal downloads at Google’s Corporate office in New York and at NBC Universal. Surprisingly, there were no traceable/illegal download at the Bittorrent Inc. headquarters.

Ernesto ends the article with,

Yesterday, the Dutch blog Geenstijl  exposed  how someone at the local music royalty collecting agency Buma/Stemra downloaded a copy of the TV-show Entourage and video game Battlefield 3.

In a response Buma/Stemra  issued  a press release stating that their IP-addresses were spoofed….After all, if it’s so easy to spoof an IP-address, then accused file-sharers can use this same defense against copyright holders. Checkmate?

As said by Ernesto on TorrentFreak, an IP address is not a person. However, every employee of a company stands for its values and represents the company, especially in their behavior inside the company. Apparently, Sony and Fox have some internal policing to do before they go out and change the world. As for their anti-piracy efforts, pirates are happy, now that the messers become the messies.

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