BitTorrent Might Soon Be Known as Gyre Inc.

Citing some changes from the latest release of uTorrent, it looks like BitTorrent is up for a company rebranding. The uTorrent about page from its build 27147 of Version 3.3 Alpha listed not BitTorrent, but Gyre Inc. as the company. The name has been changed in subsequent builds, but it sparked an investigation, and TorrentFreak has found some interesting facts.

Notice how the company name flip-flops between Gyre Inc. and BitTorrent.



BitTorrent was approached by TorrentFreak with specific questions about this rebranding. While they did not dismiss the rebranding completely, they attributed the appearance of that name to a programming error. Ernesto, who investigated the matter over at TorrentFreak, writes,

TorrentFreak contacted BitTorrent Inc. to find out more, and we were told that Gyre Inc. was listed there because of a “coding error.” The company didn’t want to confirm or deny the existence of a rebranding exercise, but did say that they “regularly test new brand and product names internally.

However, Ernesto found out that the iceberg goes deeper than this tip. Gyre Inc. was registered in January this year and lists BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker as the service agent. Moreover, the company address is identical to that of the BitTorrent San Francisco office.

The name Gyre Inc. also appears in the Share app, released by BitTorrent, and this definitely is not a branding test. Perhaps, this rebranding will let BitTorrent shed the piracy stigma associated with the word torrent. Whatever may be the case, BitTorrent seems like it is in a transition to Gyre Inc. and we hope to get some official word on this matter, soon.

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