Bing and Yahoo: Combined Market Share Now At 30%

Microsoft’s Bing decision engine is turning quite some heads with its growth and rise in popularity. Bing began providing Yahoo with organic search results and according to Hitwise, their combined share is at 30 percent. Clearly, as Bing provides Yahoo with organic results, it is a big win for Bing.

The month of March has been prospective for Bing and it has seen a rise of 5 percent in this month alone. Google’s current share stands at 64.42 percent, following a drop after Bing took away some of the market share from it. Overall, Bing is at 14.69 percent whereas Yahoo is at 15.32 percent.

Bing is making groundbreaking changes in its search and has advertised heavily across the Internet. Its spam free search results have led Google to update its algorithm leading to elimination of content farms. While this has improved search results, the need to make this change has raised questions on whether Google search will see the end of this decade with the same market share.

The default search provided in browsers is affecting search market shares more than ever and the rise in Bing is acclaimed to this very fact. The market share Bing enjoys currently is gathered from those migrating over from Yahoo. Though, this is just not enough to compete against Google search full on.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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