Microsoft Bing Gets Its Own (Not So Short) URL Shortener

BingMicrosoft has taken a plunge into the URL Shortening market with its own URL Shortener – The massive surge in Twitter’s popularity has bolstered the URL shortening market and it seems that every one wants to have their own short URL. is not yet public and is currently available only for internal use. According to SeattlePi, Microsoft is collaborating with on the URL Shortener. Microsoft didn’t reveal exactly what it wants to do with However, I don’t see gaining much traction. The main point of a URL Shortener is to be short. is 4 characters, (Facebook) is 4 characters, is 5 characters, is 7 characters while is 8 characters.

Why Microsoft decided to use a name which is longer than its original domain name ( is beyond me. Sometimes, Microsoft’s stupidity can reach baffling heights. This is one such occasion.

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