Learn To Search on Bing Like a Pro Using New and Unique Operators

Bing has support for advanced queries just like Google but no one uses them because they are just lying there, unseen and unheard of! The Bing blog has recently posted a guide on searching through Bing like a pro and the options and as it turns out, the available queries are sure to turn some heads in the geek world.

A complete list of operators is available at this page on msdn. However, we have picked a few examples. Before I go into this, I would like to point out that Bing search supports combining these operators as well. However, you need to learn about their precedence at this page before that.

The ‘contains’ Operator

The ‘contains’ operator can be used to search for a particular file-type inside a web page. This can be helpful while pulling off and checking the existence of pdf documents from poorly done web pages that make it hard to find URLs in between too much of text.

Usage: “IEEE 802.11b” contains:pdf

This will return all pages with the tag IEEE 802.11b and a link to a pdf document in them.

The ‘near’ Operator

The near operator works like a proximity sensor for words and searches for a particular word within range of another word. This one is my favorite so far.

Usage: “michael jackson” near:5 moonwalk

This will search for the word moonwalk appearing within five words before or after the words “Michael Jackson”.

The ‘ip’ Operator

This searches for websites hosted on a particular IP address. It can be helpful to search for an IP address prefix as well.

Usage: ip:

This will search for all websites hosted on that IP. Try out the query above. There is a surprise in store for you!

The ‘loc’ Operator

This returns pages from a particular country.

Usage: ipl loc:in

Return pages related to the IPL from India.

Try it out and give us some feedback. Do you find Bing operators at par with Google?


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