Bing Overtakes Yahoo, Google Still Wins

comScore has released U.S search engine rankings for December 2011, and Google, unsurprisingly, still leads the pack by a huge margin.

Microsoft’s Bing, even after burning billions of dollars in marketing and R&D, still hasn’t made a dent on Google’s market share. Yahoo, on the other hand, is slowly bleeding to death.

Comscore Search Engine Market Share

Bing had 15% market share in the U.S. in November which increased to 15.1% in December. Google had 65.4% U.S. market share in November which is now up to 65.9%.

Yahoo which had 15.1% market share lost 0.6% – 0.5% to Google and 0.1% to Bing. So effectively, Bing is gaining tiny amounts of search market share from Yahoo, which is powered by Bing’s technology, while Google continues to add to its already considerable numbers.

AOL and Ask are like zombies with 2-3% market share each, with no growth. With Yahoo having given up months ago, Bing is the only real competitor to Google right now. Newer alternatives like DuckDuckGo are still rounding errors in terms of market share. By the looks of it, Bing isn’t going to topple Google any time soon. Hopefully, Bing will at least turn a profit in a couple of years, instead of dragging down Microsoft’s overall margins.

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