Bill Gates is Not Coming Back to Microsoft

There has been a lot of speculation about the possible comeback of Bill Gates to Microsoft in the last couple of weeks, after Fortune hypothesized what Bill Gates’ return to Microsoft would be like.

Today, in an interview with Fairfax Media, Gates confirmed that he won’t be coming back to Microsoft. Instead, he will be focusing on his philanthropic foundation – the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for”the rest of his life.”

“I’m part-time involved with Microsoft, including even being in touch this week to give some of my advice but that’s not going to change the foundation requires all of my energy and we feel we’re having a great impact,” said Bill Gates.

Ever since Bill Gates quit in 2000, Microsoft’s share price has dropped almost 50% and has been stagnating under $30 for many years. Apple’s stock, on the other hand, has risen exponentially in that period – Apple is now the most valuable company in the world.

Steve Ballmer has been asked to resign as Microsoft’s CEO by many prominent investors, including David Einhorn.

Steve Jobs and Larry Page are among some founders who returned to the helm to help their companies. Steve Jobs was wildly successful, while Larry Page’s return seems to be helping Google’s share price too.

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