Tells You About Startups Before They Launch

If you think you are an early adopter when it comes to internet startups or if you simply want to be ahead of the game so you can sound cool amongst your peeps, is a resource you must check out. It is not an app or web service, rather a Tumble based blog that provides information about yet-to-launch internet startups.

Most of these startups are in the process of giving final touches to their product and sending out limited beta invites. is updated daily with new startups accompanied by a screenshot of their current landing page, a brief description of what they are about and of course a link to their homepage. If you think you have a startup worth being on, you can simply submit it via this form.

The listing, as of now, is pretty scant, but given the neatness of the idea, it’ll be no surprise if soon takes off as one of the primary resources for yet-to-launch startups.

[Via TechCrunch]

One thought on “ Tells You About Startups Before They Launch”

  1. This is Marc from the Beta List.

    Thanks for your the write-up! Like you say, the site is currently just a simple Tumblr blog, but we’re evolving it into something more useful and customizable. (shoot me a quick email and I’ll inform you when we make (major) changes).

    If you, or any of the readers, have any suggestions for Beta List you can contact met @betalist.



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