Best Steve Jobs Tributes Through Images

A legend and a great inventor succumbed to a long ailing disease yesterday. However, Steve Jobs is someone who will always remain in the hearts and souls of billions of people all across the world. I for one am very sad about the fact that someone of such great caliber had to die so young.

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had so many more things to accomplish, alas, God had other plans and wanted him to be part of heaven to change the game up there.

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There has been so many messages pouring in all across the world. However, here are some images which personify Steve Jobs from his fans and others who loved this great visionary.

Steve Jobs Apple Logo by Jonathan Mak

The best tribute to Steve Jobs came from Jonathan Mak, a 19 year old designer living in Hong Kong. The image above depicts what Steve was all about. More at Jonathan’s website.


The above image is a created by Charis Tsevis who is a visual designer by profession. Charis used the products created or launched by Steve Jobs to create wonderful collage which depicts Steve Jobs face. I really respect Charis for coming up with such a wonderful tribute.

Steve Jobs Heaven App for That

The image above has been doing the rounds of and . Though it is a cartoon, it aptly suggests that Steve Jobs will continue innovating wherever he is.

Steve Jobs Irreplaceable

Steve Jobs is definitely irreplaceable and this eCard from Some eCards definitely sums it up.

I’ll add more image tributes to this post when I come across them. Do feel free to share your own tributes to this great man.

Dear Steve, you will be dearly missed. R.I.P.



The above picture is no ordinary image. It was created by @twitter and is made up of tweets sent over 4.5 hours on the evening of October 5, 2011, the day the legend died. The tweets are from the hashtag #thankyousteve and are ordered based on the number of RTs it got. The original image can be found at[email protected]/6219082960.

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