Best Olympic Google Doodle – London 2012 Hurdles

Best Olympic Google Doodle – London 2012 Hurdles

Not everyone gets a chance to take a part in the Olympics, however, Google is giving Internet users a chance to take part in the 100-meter hurdles, but with a Google Doodle. All you need is a strong keyboard and fast moving legs fingers!

Today’s doodle is the best Olympic Google Doodle ever made. The London 2012 Hurdles doodle is an interactive doodle game in which you can take part in the 100-meter hurdles game, and try to cross the finish line in the best possible time, or beat the actual Olympic record of 12.21 seconds set by Donkova Yordanka from Bulgaria on 20 August, 1988.

Google Doodle London 2012 Hurdles

However, if you’re male, you need to catch up with Robles Dayron of Czech Republic, and beat his 110-meter hurdles records set at 12.87 seconds.

How to Play the London 2012 Hurdles Google Doodle Game

The game rules are pretty easy. Like I said, you only need a strong keyboard and fast fingers. Once you click on the play button, you will need to use your left and right arrows to determine the speed at which the athlete is running. That is, start pressing the left, right arrows keys as fast as possible to make the athlete run faster. However, you need to be careful while jumping the hurdles. To jump, simply press the up arrow key or the space bar.

At the end, the doodle displays the total time taken to reach the finish line. If your score is well below 12.21 seconds, you will get three stars, which otherwise is considered as a Gold medal. If not, you will be awarded two stars (Silver) and three stars (Bronze) depending on your score.

The athlete in the doodle was featured in the Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Google Doodle.

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Here is the list of current record holders in:

Women’s 100-meter hurdles:



Wind (m/s)


Date and place

WR12.21+0.7 DONKOVA Yordanka20 Aug 1988 – Stara Zagora (BUL)
OR12.37+1.5 HAYES Joanna24 Aug 2004 – Athens (GRE)
AF12.44+0.4 ALOZIE Glory8 Aug 1998 – Monte Carlo (MON)
AS12.44-0.8 SHISHIGINA Olga27 Jun 1995 – Lucerne (SUI)
EU12.21+0.7 DONKOVA Yordanka20 Aug 1988 – Stara Zagora (BUL)
NA12.33-0.3 DEVERS Gail23 Jul 2000 – Sacramento, CA (USA)
OC12.28+1.1 PEARSON Sally3 Sep 2011 – Daegu (KOR)
SA12.71+0.1 MAGGI Maurren Higa19 May 2001 – Manaus (BRA)

Men’s 110-meter Hurdles Records:



Wind (m/s)


Date and place

WR12.87+0.9 ROBLES Dayron12 Jun 2008 – Ostrava (CZE)
OR12.91+0.3 LIU Xiang27 Aug 2004 – Athens (GRE)
AF13.26+1.4 BOWNES Shaun14 Jul 2001 – Heusden-Zolder (BEL)
AS12.88+1.1 LIU Xiang11 Jul 2006 – Lausanne (SUI)
EU12.91+0.5 JACKSON Colin20 Aug 1993 – Stuttgart (GER)
NA12.87+0.9 ROBLES Dayron12 Jun 2008 – Ostrava (CZE)
OC13.29+0.6 vander-KUYP Kyle11 Aug 1995 – Gothenburg (SWE)
SA13.27+1.6 VILLAR Paulo28 Oct 2011 – Guadalajara (MEX)


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    • tchoum

      Best score without cheating is mine : 10.1s, and then with a special trick you could get 6.8s :)

  • Vlad

    my best score is 12.0s WR and OR record baby! :P

  • BALU

    mine is 7.24 sec

  • Herman Harris ATO

    I’m pretty sure I have the best score with 10.5!!!! USA GOLD!!! Olympic Google Doodle Record!!!!

  • Gab

    10.8 seconds

  • Djoule


  • ninad

    mine record is 10.4 just 4 secs left………………
    Ninad goswami India,pune

  • Binkie

    Programmed by a typical techie. The runner moves his left arm & leg forward at the same time, and then his rights. Maybe that’s how the techie runs, but normal people, not so much. And why is it a black man running on a big slice of watermelon? Does Google know their programmer is a racist?

  • fgd

    Robles Dayron is from Cuba not Czech Republic

  • Gee

    Mines 9.2s – 2 medals

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  • Soltysek900 – POLSKA

    10,4s – 3 medals

  • MegaZver

    My result : 0.8 sec
    It’s with .net)))))))

  • IgnatBlazhko