Benchmarks of iPhone 4S Crush Galaxy S II’s in Every Way

In March 2011, Steve Jobs at the  iPad  2 event explained how technology just isn’t enough to create a quality product. It is a combination of hardware + software that makes a great product, and that held true for the  iPad  2. Once again, it has held true for the iPhone 4S. Yesterday, it was reported  that the iPhone 4S has just 512MB of RAM. Today, AnandTech reveals that the iPhone 4S’s A5 processor is clocked at 800 MHz, which is 73% faster than the iPhone 4.

AnandTech iPhone 4S benchmarks

The new figures also from AnandTech reveal that the iPhone 4S scores a Geekbench score of 623, easily beating the A4 processor found in the iPhone 4. Geekbench score is a method of measuring a system’s performance. In fact, the iPhone 4S processor is underclocked slower than the 1GHz A5 CPu found in the iPad 2, which earned a score of 751.

In terms of graphic processing, the iPhone 4S is seven times faster than the iPhone 4 (just like Apple claimed). One test shows that the iPhone 4S scored a 73.1 while the iPhone 4 took 11.2, and in another the iPhone 4S clocked a score of 122.7, compared to 15.3 for the iPhone. The GPU and CPU score for the iPhone 4S were a bit slower than the iPad 2, but also smoked the competition, including the Samsung Galaxy S II (1.2 GHz), Samsung Infuse 4G (1.2 GHz), and Motorola Droid Bionic (1 GHz), all of which feature processors with higher clock speeds than the iPhone 4S. In addition, while Android phones have 1GB or more of RAM to power the OS, the iPhone 4S  just  has 512MB RAM to power the world’s best OS and its features. Things might change when Ice Cream Sandwich arrives, but I’m skeptical (lol).

“At a lower operating frequency than its Android competitors, Apple does have to exploit its strengths in software to avoid any tangible performance penalties,” authors Anand Lai Shimpi and Brian Klug wrote. “Apple has traditionally done this very well in the past, so I don’t expect the loss of frequency to be a huge deal to the few who cross-shop iOS and Android.”

The iPhone 4S will launch this Friday, October 14th in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Can we stop comparing on hardware specs now?

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