Barcode – A Simple And Sweet Google Doodle

Google pays its respect to great events that took place in history by changing its logo. These creative Google logos are called as Doodles. Recently, on October 1st, Google paid its respect to Mahatma Gandhi, a well known freedom fighter from India.

Today, Google is celebrating the Invention of the Bar code, with its doodle representing a simple bar code.


On October 7th 1952, a patent for the bar code was accepted and thus, the bar-code was invented.

The patent was issued on 7 October 1952 as US Patent 2,612,994. In 1951 Woodland and Johanson moved to IBM and continually tried to interest IBM in developing the system. The company eventually commissioned a report on the idea, which concluded that it was both feasible and interesting, but that processing the resulting information would require equipment that was some time off in the future.

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