Bank Of America Website Down; It’s Not a DDoS Though

America’s leading bank, Bank of America seems to have suffered some sort of outage today. The website has been down for past few hours and users have been seen complaining on and elsewhere.


Online banking customers of Bank of America have been unable to login or load the website for almost past 6 hours now. Forbes is reporting that the site has been down since morning.

Bank of America has come under fire recently with reason related to . However, the Anon group hasn’t attacked the website as they did with PayPal, MasterCard and Visa. However, the Anonymous group has called for a global protest on January 15.

So does Anon have anything to do with the BoFA outage? Well it is highly unlikely because the Anon group usually brags about their operations and there has been hardly any noise coming from their end, so this outage may be a technical issue which happened at BoFA’s end. A BoFA representative also confirmed this to Forbes.

If you are an affected customer you can follow updates on the situation at their twitter account @BoFA_Help. Hopefully, the website should be restored in the next few hours.

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