Browser Ballot Asks Users To Set IE As Default Browser

Microsoft’s attempt at appeasing the European Union seems to be falling apart at the core. The newly launched Browser Ballot screen seems to have a lot of problems.

First of all the Browser Ballot screen was tracking which browsers users installed and also had 6 out of the 12 browsers based on IE. Now to add to that here is another twist in the Browser Ballot screen.

Browser Ballot Set IE as Default

If you do not have IE as the default system browser, and open the browser ballot application, you will be prompted to set Internet explorer as the default browser. Now this is not a bug and maybe because Microsoft is using Internet explorer as the browser to display the ballot screen, and since it is not the default browser it might have triggered off the browser check option for IE.

Not sure what people will make out of it, but we definitely have a very irate Mozilla intern who is concerned about this.

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